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Kazakhstan Tour

Kazakhstan, a big country in Central Asia, has a lot to offer for tourists for kazakhstan tour packages . The capital, Nur-Sultan, has modern buildings, while Almaty mixes modern and old styles. The country’s landscapes are diverse, with open steppes, a cool canyon called Charyn, and big mountains. Kazakhstan’s culture is a mix of different influences, making it unique. Traditional music and festivals show off its nomadic history. The cities have both new and old-looking buildings Astana sightseeing tours .


For space enthusiasts, there’s the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s first space launch place.


Food in Kazakhstan is hearty, with meat dishes like Beshbarmak and Plov. They also have interesting drinks like Kumis (from horse milk) and Shubat (from camel milk).People in Kazakhstan are friendly, and you might get a chance to stay in a traditional tent called a yurt. While Kazakh and Russian are the main languages, you can find English in bigger cities. So, if you go to Kazakhstan, expect a mix of tradition, cool landscapes, and friendly people.


The people of Kazakhstan are known for their warm hospitality. You might get a chance to stay in a yurt, a traditional tent, and experience the nomadic lifestyle under Kazakhstan package holiday .In the cities, you’ll hear Kazakh and Russian, but don’t worry if you speak English – especially in the larger cities, you’ll find people who understand you.So, whether you’re into futuristic skylines, breathtaking landscapes, or just want to experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity, Kazakhstan has something for every traveler. Get ready for a journey that combines history, nature, and the friendly spirit of Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan Tour

Detailed itinerary Of Kazakhstan And Travel Packages

Your tour begins with a warm reception at Almaty International Airport. We will take you off to your hotel, where you can check in and unwind. Take it easy for a bit before heading to a local restaurant for a fantastic welcome dinner featuring Kazakh cuisine and a lively show. After the festivities, it’s back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Fuel up with a tasty breakfast at the hotel before heading to the Chimbulak ski resort. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views, savour a delicious lunch at the mountain’s base, and experience the unique Medeo skating rink. Afterward, explore Almaty through a guided city tour. Return to the hotel for some downtime and relaxation.

Start your day with a yummy breakfast before we take you to the Mountain Resort-Hotel “Lesnaya Skazka.” Immerse yourself in the magical surroundings, and later, we’ll bring you back to the city for a tasty lunch. Afterward, relax at the hotel or explore at your own pace.

Begin your departure day with a tempting breakfast at the hotel to gear up for the journey ahead. Check-out is at noon, so take your time packing and ensuring everything is in order. A smooth transfer to the airport is arranged to make your departure hassle-free. As you bid farewell to the beautiful city of Almaty, carry with you the memories of a wonderful adventure in Kazakhstan. Safe travels!

Quick Cultural Tours in Kazakhstan info : 


Kazakhstan uses the Kazakh Tenge. As of October 2023, the exchange rate is $1 USD = 479 KZT. You can find ATMs and money exchange services in most towns and cities.


Kazakhstan is mostly bilingual, with Kazakh and Russian as the main languages. While it’s helpful to know some basic phrases in either language, English is becoming more widely understood. 


In cities, people dress similar to other major cities, often with a style influenced by Russian fashion. In rural areas, especially among women, traditional attire with longer dresses and trousers is common. It’s advisable to dress conservatively in smaller towns and villages, covering shoulders and knees to avoid unwanted attention. 

Best Time to Visit:

The weather in Kazakhstan can be harsh, with a cold winter due to its steppe geography. The ideal time to visit depends on your interests. For hiking and trekking, July and August are best, with September and early October still suitable. Spring (April- May) and fall (September- October) are recommended for arid sites like Charyn Canyon and Altyn Emel National Park. Winters are chilly, but the country has ski resorts for winter enthusiasts.


Kazakh Food & Cuisine in Kazakhstan tour packages

Kazakh cuisine is a lot like its Central Asian neighbours, especially Kyrgyzstan, due to their nomadic history and focus on meat. Russian influence is also present. Here are some dishes to try in adventure holidays in Kazakhstan.

 Beshbarmak: A traditional dish with handmade noodles, boiled meat (usually mutton), and onions. It’s meant to be eaten with your hands.

 Baursok: Fried dough chunks often served as appetizers with a thick cream   dip called kaymak.

 Non: This means bread, and you’ll find beautiful wheels of non at markets.   It’s served with almost every meal.

 Chai: Tea is a must-have and is served with nearly every meal. You’ll be   asked  if you want it black (chorny) or green (zelony).

 Qazi: A sausage made from horse meat, often served on special occasions.   Some may find it unusual, but it’s a local delicacy.

 Plov: A common Central Asian dish made with fried rice, garlic, carrots,   meat, and sometimes raisins and garbanzo beans.

 Shorbo: A simple soup found throughout Central Asia, made with boiled   meat (usually mutton or beef), carrots, and potatoes.

 Chakchak: A sweet treat that originated in Tatarstan but is popular in   Kazakhstan. It’s enjoyed after meals and is reminiscent of sticky cereal treats.   So choose kazakhstan tour packages   .